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Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coaching

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2310, 2017

It’s Like Comedy…. It’s All About the Timing.

It’s Like Comedy…. It’s All About the Timing. There is nothing worse than hosting an event with several speakers, having everything timed to perfection, and then one of the speakers decides it’s OK for them to run over their slot by ten minutes or more. This can be the nightmare scenario for many event organisers. They spend the rest of [...]

1710, 2017

Should Public Speaking Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

There is no doubt that if YOU are your business brand, YOU also need to be the voice of your business. Speaking is such a powerful marketing tool and can help to make your business stand out from your competitors. It is a valuable resource that can often be left under-valued, especially if you find public speaking intimidating, nerve-wracking and challenging.

3001, 2017

Do Introverts Make The Best Speakers?

It's quite often assumed that extroverts make great speakers. It sounds quite plausible as they feel comfortable in front of people and they seem to exude confidence and conversely introverts must surely make poor public speakers as they tend to shy away from group situations and voicing their opinions. However, this is a real misconception. Many of the world's greatest orators have been classified as introverts. The following makes for quite a list, Ghandi, Winston Churchill, President Barack Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

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