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Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coach
Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coaching

Terrified of Public Speaking?

"Five Steps To Fearless Public Speaking"
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Getting Your Message Across…

Writing a speech is a bit like baking a Victoria sponge.

Mix all the right ingredients together, add heat, and they rise to the occasion.

In the case of a speech the right ingredients are content, structure, rapport, effective use of voice,  anecdotes and catchy titles, and the heat, that’s your passion bringing everything to life.

If you don’t have all the right ingredients, then things can turn out a bit, well, flat. And you don’t want that in a Victoria sponge – or a speech!

So what if you’ve got buckets of the latter but no clue about the former? Or you naturally do somethings really well and in other areas you struggle?

That’s something I can help you with.

After eight years on the speaking circuit, competing and helping other people deliver stand-out speeches, I know a thing or two about what makes a great speech.

So I can work with you to craft a speech that harnesses your authenticity and delivers your message with clarity, impact and heart.

How It Works

Step one: we meet on Skype for a one-hour fact-finding mission to discover exactly what input/help you need in the speech writing department.

Step two: you send your written speech to me and I will make notes and suggestions on areas you could improve and how to do that

Step three: you send me a recording or video of you delivering your amended speech and I will provide written feedback with noted points for areas of improvement.

Step four: we have a further half-hour Skype session to clarify or refine any areas you are still not 100% happy with.

The investment for learning how to woo your audience with your words?


Ready to craft a killer speech that will leave people wanting more?

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Sara's Public Speaking Testimonial“Meet me on a one-to-one basis and I am a chatterbox! I love to talk with people and even if I don’t know you, you can bet after 10 minutes we will feel like old friends. But if you put me in front of an audience you might think it wasn’t the same person! I never had any confidence for speaking in front of a crowd of people.

It stopped me from reaching a wider audience and growing my business. My biggest fear was that I would forget EVERYTHING and just look a complete idiot! Who would want to work with me when it was obvious I knew nothing! I opened my mouth and nothing came out but the ums, erms and aghs. Inside panic was taking over and it was showing in the sweat on my forehead and my red face. My hands were shaking.

I just believed speaking in public was not for me! I said no to any opportunity to speak, and dreaded networking when I would have to say to the group what it is that I do. Inside I knew if only I could stand up and speak out, it would help my business to grow.

I worked with Aly on everything to do with giving a talk, from walking on stage to saying my first and last line. She helped me with the content of my talk, helping me to identify what was important and how to put it across. I cannot value highly enough what this has given me!

Aly is authentic and professional and her caring nurturing approach with coaching for speaking has enabled me to get out there and know I can do it. The freedom this has given me is fantastic!”

Sara Lyndley –

Ready to get started on creating a magnificent presentation?

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Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coaching for Women


“Working with Aly has taken away my worries! She did not disappoint. She helped me with so many valuable techniques and tools, and I found myself able to put these into practice immediately with excellent results.”
“Through Aly I have learnt some great techniques that I now regularly use as part of my toolkit. These enable me to ensure I deliver a clear message and that I can consistently control my nerves – ultimately ensuring that I am the very best I can be!”
“Aly is authentic and professional and her caring nurturing approach with coaching for speaking has enabled me to get out there and know I can do it. The freedom this has given me is fantastic!”
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