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Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coach
Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coaching

Terrified of Public Speaking?

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Nicola Huelin“Working with Aly Harrold to support me on my speaking journey has been a wonderful experience. I spent most of my adult life as a ‘speakerphobe’ – the idea of speaking in public once felt like a near-death experience – palpitations, cold sweats, reoccurring nightmares, you get the picture! So it’s been very important for me to choose the right experts to work with – it’s not just about their technical expertise, but also their approach and their people skills – the ability to empathise and get the balance right between giving the feedback I need to grow whilst also building my confidence as a speaker.

I’ve worked with a number of different speaking coaches and experts over the last two years, helping me go from ‘speakerphobe’ to international paid speaker and Aly has played a key role in my journey. What I love about Aly is that she works holistically – combining her vocal training expertise, energy work, content crafting and performance/delivery coaching. Aly is both highly professional and a real people-person, she genuinely cares about people and puts her heart and soul into her work.

She is passionate about bringing out the best in you in a supportive and nurturing way, building your confidence and making sure you get the support you need. Growing as a speaker is a real journey, and taking those first steps can be terrifying. I can’t imagine a better coach, mentor and cheerleader for a nervous speaker than Aly.”

Nicola Huelin
Author of The Invisible Revolution, founder of Mpower for Mums in Business

Rebecca Hirst Testimonial“Wow. What a difference a month or so in Aly’s capable hands makes. When I was selected to give a TEDx talk (woo hoo!) I was elated and ever so slightly petrified. The minute I decided to work with Aly, I felt my fear disappear. Aly guided, supported and coached me to give the best speech I’ve EVER given in public (and I’ve presented a fair amount in the past).

I said to Aly “I know I could have given a good talk without you. However it was a million times better with you on my side”. Aly is an amazing public speaking coach. If you have a big speaking gig coming up, book her now. She’ll help you to shine.”

Rebecca Hirst, founder of Glorious Wellness and TEDx speaker

Rebecca Hirst Tedx Talk – Listen To Your Gut – She Never Lies

Interview with Rebecca Hirst – Founder of Glorious Wellness and TEDx speaker

Sarah Anne Lucas“Aly is unlike any other coach. She begins with the mechanics of the voice. Using a unique process of your thoughts, your physiology, and the skill to translate personal wisdom from within. She creates an abundance of energy within her clients, making them feel that everything is possible.  I worked with Aly on a six week programme during which time she helped me to transform my voice and strengthen it, giving it depth and clarity.

Throughout the work Aly supported me to access what she could see within me. She is an amazing woman with so much wisdom to share. She enables you to have unwavering faith in you and your responsibility to share your wisdom. Aly shares with you lifelong strategies that are timeless and unique in the art of public speaking.

Sarah Anne Lucas

Islay O'Hara“Having worked in PR for over 20 years, I was used to speaking in front of an audience. However, I battled with my nerves, probably relied too heavily on PowerPoint and whilst I relished the buzz from getting a good response from the audience, I often felt drained and exhausted the next day. All of which meant, that I shied away from the larger speaking opportunities. But I knew that public speaking was going to be an important element of my business going forward and I needed to polish my performance.

So, I made the decision to sign up for professional coaching and undertook Aly’s Step up to Shine Programme. What an eye-opener, I had definitely been guilty of complacency! On her programme of one-day workshops and webinars, I learnt just how much preparation is involved in the delivery of a great talk. I feel that I have been on a journey which has both challenged and enthused me. Now, I understand what kind of speaker I am, how to control my nerves, manage my energy levels and the value of planned, dedicated and disciplined preparation.

Aly’s unfailing support, encouragement and optimism in myself and the other wonderful people I met on the programme is inspirational. I am still a little nervous but I know this helps me deliver a great and memorable performance. I thoroughly recommend Aly’s programmes whether you are new to public speaking or think that you might know it all!
Islay O’Hara

Hilary Lees“I attended the Three month Programme ‘Step Up and Shine creating Confident Speakers’ and have to say it was money well spent. A valuable investment in me and my business. Working with Aly was exactly what I had hoped it would be.

I had a clear goal to build my confidence in speaking and delivering my personal story and ‘why’ I do what I do and Aly’s coaching absolutely helped me to do that. I now feel much more confident about stepping up and asking for speaking opportunities. Aly has the expert eyes and ears to see what I couldn’t see and help me craft my talk into a digestible whole. I always try to say too much and she has an amazing ability to cut through the crap and help me find a punchy way to illustrate my points.”

Hilary Lees, CPCC, ACC
Career & Leadership Coach

Dolina Hendry“Aly was highly recommended to me by two people on two separate occasions. I didn’t know who Aly was and I was sceptical she could help me. I had booked myself out to do a forty five minute talk at the ‘Best You’ Expo in London and other than do a short two minute network pitch I had no experience of public speaking at all.

You could say I felt a lot more than just nervous. Aly worked with me over a number of sessions to free me of my anxiety, help me to get the my talk knocked into shape and bring it to life. I delivered my talk on the day to an audience of over fifty people. This was a huge step for me.

Before I started I felt nervous, but with Aly’s support I felt strong and powerful, I knew this was something I had to do. To put into words the gift Aly gave me – she taught me how to channel the nerves and stand in my power, and to use the space on stage effectively I didn’t stand behind the lectern and half way through I abandoned my notes and found myself speaking freely. I felt confident and I delivered my speech with the all the passion that I have for the subject.

I totally forgot about the nerves and loved being in front of an audience, there was a camera in my face the whole time as my talk was filmed, but even that didn’t phase me. I can hardly wait to get back out there.”

Dolina Hendry GQHP, NLP

Vedika Dalmia & Sian Cleaver with Aly Harrold at TEDx“When I was asked to do a TEDx talk with Sian Cleaver I was really excited but also quite nervous. I would be talking about something I  am very passionate about but not something I am an expert in. Aly helped me every step of the way.

She helped us develop the content, feel really confident about what we were saying and calm down our nerves on the day. She helped us through the whole process, from day one through to mic-ing us on the big day. It felt great doing the talk and now I want to do it all over again! A massive thanks to Aly for making it such a pleasurable experience.

Vedika Dalmia
Software Developer at Bloomberg LP

“Aly was fantastic to work with and gave me some great advice during the preparation of my TEDx speech With Vedika Dalmia. I came to her with very little experience of speaking publicly, but left with the tools to take me confidently to the next speech and beyond! She gives practical advice that is straightforward to implement and which really makes a difference to the end result. Above all though, she’s a lovely person to work with; very kind, warm, encouraging and full of enthusiasm!”

Sian Cleaver
Graduate Systems Engineer at Airbus Defence and Space
Watch our TEDx Talk here (Our talk starts at 19.30 into the livestream recording) http://tedxyouthcroydon.com

Alison Nixon Testimonial“Working with Aly has been transformational. I have been avoiding speaking in public for a long time. I first came to Aly engrossed with Fear and anxiety about my first talk to a group. She kindly reassured me that it was a fantastic opportunity and that I would be 100% ready and excited for the talk once I completed preparation needed it for.

She taught me how to write and deliver my first talk. She walked me through the entire process and taught me the skills I needed to succeed. Her individualized approach has helped me find my voice and I was able to get over my fear and I am proud to say that I did my first talk.

Aly’s approach is like no other. She is by your side the entire journey and she really cares about your success. She is motivating, encouraging, inspiring and believes we should be proud to share our message to the world. I believe working with Aly is vital in order to get past your fears of speaking and to help achieve your goals. Thank-you, Aly”

Alison Nixon
The Happy Mind & Body Coach

Public Speaking Testimonial “In business, speaking in public is a necessity but, for me, often avoided situation. I used to dread the event and be worried about making a fool of myself in public because I was so nervous!  As a business owner and regular networker, it was essential that I overcame my reluctance to speaking in public, in order to present myself and my business to as big an audience as possible.

Working with Aly has taken away my worries! She did not disappoint. She helped me with so many  valuable techniques and tools, and I found myself  able to put these into practice immediately with excellent results.

These days, I still get nerves, but  I now know how to prepare myself sufficiently for a presentation and I am able to deliver with a confidence which I totally lacked before.”

Catherine Overton

Nina Cooke“I spent a wonderful day with Aly learning how to let go of my nerves so I can actually enjoy speaking to groups.

Aly really knows her stuff. She massively over-delivered, sharing her experience and know-how on how to speak naturally, authentically and have fun at the same time.
I started off feeling nervous and self-conscious.

But by the end of the day, I felt confident, congruent, had “come out of my head” and really enjoyed getting up there and speaking in front of everyone. The difference in everyone’s confidence by the end of the day was staggering! If you want to do any type of public speaking, but are scared to put yourself out there, I highly recommend you attend Aly’s workshop.”

Nina Cooke

Public Speaking Testimonial“I have my own business which involves frequently presenting to both small and large groups of people. This is a key part of what I do and I need to make sure that I represent my company in the best way possible. Before working with Aly I found that my nerves before such an event would often mean that it would take me a while to get into the flow of presenting.

Through Aly I have learnt some great techniques that I now regularly use as part of my toolkit. These enable me to ensure that when presenting I am positive and animated, that I deliver a clear message and that I can consistently control my nerves – ultimately ensuring that I am the very best I can be!

Aly is a wonderful personality to work with – she is fun, she can empathise, she works in a very interactive way and of course most importantly she has great relevant knowledge and skill which she shares in a very practical way.”

Helen Connolly

Dawn Allen“Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate what you taught me and all of your brilliant guidance and support. I have been practising the voice exercises and I am feeling more confident with my voice and in myself in general. I cannot tell you what a lift and a boost you have given me.

I was feeling very apprehensive about the structure of my presentation and how I might sound and after our session on Wednesday I had so much more clarity not only about what I am presenting but why I am doing it and how I can do it to the very best of my ability. Thank you so much.

I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking about doing a presentation, a talk or a workshop to boost confidence, fine tune their skills and maximise their opportunity to deliver a great talk with their best voice and presence possible. Thank you so very much.”

Dawn Allen

Annette O’Donnell“Having had extensive facial surgery for tongue cancer in the past – the thought of giving a presentation for a new job interview was extremely daunting – would my speech be able to come across clearly and how would I manage my nerves and self consciousness?

Well these worries were soon put to rest when I approached Aly Harrold for some advice and guidance as to how I not only constructed a ‘Wow’ presentation but also how I could come across as passionate and confident in my speech

Thank you Aly for giving me complete confidence in myself and removing any fears and doubts that I previously had. You made me believe in myself. Your kind calm manner and constructive feedback was instrumental in not only me giving the greatest presentation I could ever hope for – but also in securing the new job!

I shall be continuing with Aly’s coaching in the future when other tasks come my way – as I now have new found confidence to speak in public and plan to do much more.

Annette O’Donnell

Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coaching for Women


“Working with Aly has taken away my worries! She did not disappoint. She helped me with so many valuable techniques and tools, and I found myself able to put these into practice immediately with excellent results.”

“Through Aly I have learnt some great techniques that I now regularly use as part of my toolkit. These enable me to ensure I deliver a clear message and that I can consistently control my nerves – ultimately ensuring that I am the very best I can be!”
“Aly is authentic and professional and her caring nurturing approach with coaching for speaking has enabled me to get out there and know I can do it. The freedom this has given me is fantastic!”
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