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Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coach
Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coaching

Terrified of Public Speaking?

"Five Steps To Fearless Public Speaking"
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“I could have listened to you all night

How would it feel to walk off stage after giving a talk and have someone say that to you?

Followed by other people saying things like…

“You are so inspiring”

“Your message really touched me”

“I sooo need your help”

“You made that look so easy”

Can you imagine being that person? Can you feel the exhilaration, the pride, the satisfaction?

Even if you can’t feel that right now, I know you really want to. It’s why you’re here, reading this.

I’ve met many women like you over my eight years on the speaking circuit.

Women who are absolutely brilliant at business, 100% believe in what they’re doing, but when it comes to the thought of standing up, speaking and having all eyes on them – they want to run and hide in the nearest dark cupboard that locks, from the inside.

You would love to confidently walk on stage and speak from your heart, but you just don’t think you’ve got the talent for it (perhaps you are somewhat to the introverted end of the spectrum).

Even if you did, you’re not sure you have anything worthwhile to say (or that people would actually want to listen).

And, the few times you’ve tried this speaking thing you weren’t exactly a success (dry mouth, red face, sweaty armpits, pounding heart and worse, forgetting your words  – bring back any bad memories?)

If that is you then you are in exactly the right place, because you are just the person I got into this business to help.

Because here’s the thing…

Your fear of public speaking is holding you back.

It’s standing in the way of you making that huge impact on the world that you were put here to make.

It means you’re avoiding speaking opportunities that could spread your message to people who really need to hear it (and no one is best served by that – least of all you!).

And, your fear is also limiting the amount of abundance that flows your way – so we’re talking clients, income, and fulfilment.

But, and I need you to hear this, no matter how afraid you are right now, we can transform your nerves and anxiety into fuel for you to become the most amazing speaker you can imagine.

Just like that one at the top of this page.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

No one begins as a naturally talented speaker – they learn how to become one.

So if you have had enough of playing second fiddle to your nerves and anxieties around visibility and being in the spotlight, and are ready to call in those big business dreams, then this is something I created just for you.


‘You –  The Brilliant Charismatic Speaker’

My six-week signature programme is a transformational experience that will take you from knock-kneed, fearful and frustrated to a woman whose presence on stage is magnetic, inspiring and galvanising.

When we’re through you will know how to:

  • Hook your audience from your very first words
  • Write an engaging, on-target speech
  • Build presence and connection with your audience
  • Use gestures, body language and eye contact to best effect
  • Use your voice and enhance its natural inflections
  • Channel your nerves and use them for greater impact

Which will ensure you feel:

Confident that when you walk out on that stage, the audience is going to be wowwed.

Excited to receive speaking gigs and bold enough to ask for them!

Proud of your ability to face this fear – and overcome it!

Relief, mixed with joy, that you’ve got the skills to take your business to a whole new level

Comfortable being in the spotlight (and free from your fear of visibility)

I know right now you fear being judged, of it all going wrong, and you just don’t want to put yourself in that vulnerable position. I get it.

But our work together will release those fears, arm you with tools, techniques and strategies to handle all those awkward moments, so that you can feel safe to step on stage, be who you really are, and flower in the spotlight.

Public Speaking Testimonial“In business, speaking in public is a necessity but, for me, often avoided situation. I used to dread the event and be worried about making a fool of myself in public because I was so nervous!  As a business owner and regular networker, it was essential that I overcame my reluctance to speaking in public, in order to present myself and my business to as big an audience as possible.

Working with Aly has taken away my worries! She did not disappoint. She helped me with so many  valuable techniques and tools, and I found myself  able to put these into practice immediately with excellent results. These days, I still get nerves, but  I now know how to prepare myself sufficiently for a presentation and I am able to deliver with a confidence which I totally lacked before.”

Catherine Overton

How the programme is structured:


First, we meet over Skype or at an agreed location for a half-day intensive, where we do a deep-dive into your business, you, your speaking needs and our priority areas of focus over the next six weeks.


Depending on what we identified as areas of improvement in your half-day intensive, we will use these 1-hour sessions to work on:

Voice exercises: using all my performance knowledge of the mechanics of the voice, I will help you to strengthen the tone, depth and clarity of your voice. I will also provide you with MP3 or video recordings so that you can practice in-between our sessions.

Your speaking style: gestures, eye contact and body language are all non-verbal ways for us to engage and continue communicating with our audience, so we will look at your style, how you can take up more space on stage and connect more deeply with your audience.

Speech writing: getting your message across in a clear, structured format; using your own story to inspire your audience; and naturally sharing an offer from the stage, are all things we will cover if you need them.

Your mindset: how to channel your nerves; how to set yourself up for a successful talk; how to build your belief in yourself as a speaker.

Bonus Support

Email support throughout the six weeks – so that you’ve got someone in your corner for those last-minute speech questions or pre-talk jitters.

Review and feedback on three videos you may choose to supply to me as you progress with your speaking – so you can be sure you are progressing quickly and easily.

In-person observation of a talk: if you are speaking at an event during our time working together, I will come and observe you in action, and give you written feedback that will help you improve your presence and performance even more. (And if you’re not there yet, I can guide you on how to go about getting speaking gigs.)

(NB. I am willing to travel up to one-hour from my home in Kent. If you wish me to travel further afield then we can negotiate an additional fee to cover my time and travel costs.)

You don’t need to stay standing in the wings and wish you were that person up on stage holding the audience in the palm of their hand – and wondering how they do it and why you can’t.

You can be that person now. It is your time to shine.

Your investment to become a woman who wows audiences, sells from the stage and has a whole lot of fun while she is at it?


Book in for a complimentary Discovery Session right here and let’s get you on track to being a brilliant, charismatic speaker.

Public Speaking Testimonial“I have my own business which involves frequently presenting to both small and large groups of people. This is a key part of what I do and I need to make sure that I represent my company in the best way possible. Before working with Aly I found that my nerves before such an event would often mean that it would take me a while to get into the flow of presenting. 

Through Aly I have learnt some great techniques that I now regularly use as part of my toolkit. These enable me to ensure that when presenting I am positive and animated, that I deliver a clear message and that I can consistently control my nerves – ultimately ensuring that I am the very best I can be!

Aly is a wonderful personality to work with – she is fun, she can empathise, she works in a very interactive way and of course most importantly she has great relevant knowledge and skill which she shares in a very practical way.”

Helen Connolly

Are you ready?

Be the very best you can be on stage

Then sign in for a discovery session here.

Still curious about the process or my background? Then take a look at the FAQs below. If you still want to know more, feel free to email me at


I have no experience in public speaking, do I need to get some experience to benefit from working with you?

No, we start where you are and work with what you have. A blank canvas is good and, believe it or not, you will already naturally possess some of the skills you need to speak in public. It is about accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative.

I have public speaking experience but I have fallen into a rut and some bad habits can you help me?

Absolutely! Inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity are all we need and a willingness to improve upon what you already have.

How do I know if your style of coaching is going to suit me?

We won’t until we talk, which is why I offer an initial Discovery Session first so that we can explore your needs, what you are looking for, and whether we think we are a “good fit”. There is no pressure for you to work with me, I want us both to enjoy the process!

Can you guarantee to transform me and my speaking ability within six weeks?

No matter how bad you think you are right now, the reality will not be anywhere near as bad as you think. With my help and encouragement transformation can take place. I can’t guarantee results as the outcome depends on how willing you are to make changes. But mindset is something that we will work on too so that you can embrace this new experience.

Should I just join a Speakers Club or Toastmasters to improve my speaking?

Speakers Clubs are amazing places – I have been a member of one for a long time. But being a member of one is a slower process of learning. Working with me is a six-week, hands-on, intensive experience that will get you up on stage feeling confident fast. So it really depends on how quickly you want to start becoming energetically irresistible to your future clients.

What makes you different from other public speaking coaches?

I work on multiple levels to ensure you become magnetic. I help you understand the value of speaking; how to use your own story to sell and inspire. I help your clear unconscious blocks to confident delivery and help you discover the natural blueprint of your voice and how to use it to best effect. Also, I help you to access your unique ability to connect and build rapport naturally. So my service is bespoke, and I help you become a powerful speaker by harnessing your own unique strengths and talents.

Is it worth the investment?

Being able to address a large audience is priceless. There is no faster way to spread your message and reach more clients, which leads to more income faster, and, ultimately, more fulfilment.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, let’s talk.

I am OK with speaking in public, I dont suffer with nerves, but I need help with body language and gestures. Can you help?

There is always room for improvement as I am sure you appreciate and sometimes changing the way we do something within our speaking can make the biggest difference. Let’s have a chat and see how I can help you.

I need help with writing my speech can you help with this?

Absolutely! I have a package just for you: Getting Your Message Across

How far do you travel to work with a client?

I am willing to travel up to one hour from my home in Kent. If you wish me to travel further afield then we can negotiate an additional fee to cover my time and travel costs.

Do you have other questions not answered here? Book in for a free Skype call here so that I can answer them.

Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coaching for Women


“Working with Aly has taken away my worries! She did not disappoint. She helped me with so many valuable techniques and tools, and I found myself able to put these into practice immediately with excellent results.”
“Through Aly I have learnt some great techniques that I now regularly use as part of my toolkit. These enable me to ensure I deliver a clear message and that I can consistently control my nerves – ultimately ensuring that I am the very best I can be!”
“Aly is authentic and professional and her caring nurturing approach with coaching for speaking has enabled me to get out there and know I can do it. The freedom this has given me is fantastic!”
Are you terrified of public speaking? This free eBook will help you: