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Hello! I’m Aly Harrold and it’s my passion to help businesswomen conquer their fears so they can step on stage and share their message with confidence, conviction and charisma.

“Being able to communicate with people is power!”

And it’s the truth.

After almost a decade on the speaking circuit, I have seen the impact on audiences time and time again when a speaker delivers their message with clarity, integrity and heart. It’s spellbinding. And while I can now call on all the best tools and techniques in the trade to deliver my own speeches (for which I’ve even won a few awards, check them out below), it hasn’t always been this easy for me.

There was a time when I too stood up on stage, my body shook, my words froze, and my heart was beating so loud and fast in my chest I thought everyone could hear it. On top of that, I wasn’t sure anyone cared what I had to say! It was nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing – and let’s not even start on how vulnerable it made me feel!

When I started public speaking in 2005, my marriage had ended and my confidence and self-esteem were at an all-time low. My husband and I had built a very successful publishing company and even though I was integral to the business, I had become accustomed to being “the woman behind the man”.

So when we divorced and I left the business, I realised I’d lost some of my identity. I wanted to reconnect with myself once more and regain my confidence, so I turned to public speaking. Now, that might seem a slightly odd choice to some of you who – at the moment – would prefer to have your appendix removed than step up on stage.

But before the publishing company I had a professional singing career, so I already knew that being on stage could be an exhilarating, uplifting and magical experience. And I was determined to feel that again.

So, I dove in to the Association of Speakers Clubs and put my knowledge of the voice and how to strengthen it and utilise it to best effect.

At the same time, I built a healthy food business and speaking was an effective way for me to share my passion for nutrition and raw chocolate. As I met like-minded women along the way, I gained a reputation for inspiring, encouraging and supporting them to find their voice and share their message wherever they could.

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.” I believe, we are not talking about ONE woman, but the collective. But not if we don’t get out there speaking and sharing our wisdom! 

The work I do does not feel like work to me, helping women in business to release their limiting fears around public speaking, giving them the knowledge and skills to be a magnetic presence on stage. I am as thrilled as they are when they stand in front of an audience feeling confident and assured. As a result, they have raised their visibility, grown their businesses and joyfully said YES to speaking opportunities.

If that’s your big vision, and you’re done standing in the wings, then please look for the ways that we can work together.

Aly Harrold Public Speaking Coach
and Motivational Speaker

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My Credentials

2020 KWIB Awards Winner

2020 Women’s Champion Award

2018 KWIB Awards Winner
Business Woman of The Year 2018 (under 5 years)

2018 KWIBA – Finalist
Woman’s Champion

2017 Kent Speaker of The Year

2017 KWIBA Runner Up
Inspired Achievement Award

2017 KWIBA Finalist
Business Woman of The Year (Under Three Years)

2017 KWIBA Finalist
Woman’s Champion

2016 Kent Speaker of The Year

2015 Kent Speaker of The Year

2014 3rd place
National Speaker of The Year

2014 South East Speaker of The Year

2012 & 2014 Kent Speaker of The Year

My Approach


Wherever you are on your speaking journey, I will work with you at your pace to help you become the speaker you desire to be.


Speaking is so much more than words, body language and eye contact. Spellbinding talks happen when the mind, body and spirit work together.


Speaking is a journey of personal and professional development and I can be with you every step of the way.

What my Clients say…

Aly is unlike any other coach. She begins with the mechanics of the voice. Using a unique process of your thoughts, your physiology, and the skill to translate personal wisdom from within. She creates an abundance of energy within her clients, making them feel that everything is possible.  Aly helped me to transform my voice and strengthen it, giving it depth and clarity.

Throughout the work Aly supported me to access what she could see within me. She is an amazing woman, with so much wisdom to share. She enables you to have unwavering faith in you and your responsibility to share your wisdom. Aly shares with you lifelong strategies that are timeless and unique in the art of public speaking. Sarah Anne Lucas (Bird)

My Results:

In 2018:

  • Eleven of my clients won awards for business growth at KWIBA
  • Six of my clients won awards for business success at the Kent Women’s Health & Beauty Awards
  • Five clients delivered successful internal business presentations
  • Six clients have delivered successful radio interviews and one is now a radio presenter with her own show
  • One is following in my footsteps and was runner-up in 2018 South East District Speaker of the Year


In 2017:

  • I coached two clients for Ted Talks and I am currently working with three others who are planning to deliver Ted Talks in 2018/19
  • Two of my clients have written and published books and spoken at their own book launch events.
  • One of my clients, an international bestselling author is now over a lifelong fear of speaking and is finally saying yes to high profile speaking opportunities.
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If you would like to discuss how I can help you or require more information, please call 07909 765348 or email [email protected]

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