Be Fab on Facebook

Be Fabulous On Facebook
Live & Video

• Do you struggle to find the confidence to deliver Facebook LIVE or Social Media videos that convey who you truly are?
• Do you worry about what you want to say?
• Do you worry about creating content that will give value?
• Is being visible something that makes you feel vulnerable and anxious?
• Do you listen to that inner critic that constantly tells you – you are just not good enough?

Be Fabulous on Facebook Live

If you have a business, one thing is certain you need to use as many approaches as possible to reach potential customers. Video is one of the most effective marketing tools available today but it can also present you with a problem if you don’t feel confident about being filmed and recorded for the world to see.

Getting past the fear, recording fabulous videos that get results…

How amazing would it be to feel relaxed in front of a camera and speak fluently and confidently about your business?

To convey your message effectively and look like you are enjoying yourself and not like the rabbit in the headlights?

This one-day workshop will help you to gain the confidence you need to deliver a Facebook LIVE/Social Media video or professional video of which you can be really proud! You will leave feeling so much more confident to go LIVE on Facebook, You Tube or Instagram.

I will be sharing strategies to help you with nerves around stepping up to be seen as well as sharing tips and techniques to help you create a Facebook Live or video that looks fabulous and shows you off to best effect.

What my Clients say

I was so nervous about being on video, I hate my voice and can see every wrinkle and imperfection!  Aly helped me to feel empowered about making videos. She helped me to change my mindset and see how I might enjoy the process. I can’t wait to get home and  make some video content!

Sally Jane Pearce

Such a helpful workshop! It’s given me all the tools, knowledge and impetus I need to (finally) get on with doing live videos.

Lynne Meek

I have learned so much and I really understand how and where I can use video and FB Live to promote my business. I can see the opportunity this skill will give me to grow my business. Aly helped us all to tap into our creativity and find ways to deliver videos that will be  really effective. I feel a million times more confident.

Sarah Hawes

Be Fabulous on Facebook Live
Be Fabulous on Facebook Live
Be Fabulous on Facebook Live

If you would like to discuss how I can help you or require more information, please call 07909 765348 or email [email protected]

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