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Welcome to Step Up and Shine Members Area – Creating Confident Speakers ‘The Speakers Magic Toolbox’

Welcome to this exclusive area of my website where you will find lots of helpful resources to help you on your speaker journey. This area and the contents will be added to each month and please feel free to make suggestions for content you would find useful.  Please see the terms and conditions of use of this area here.

Tutorials & Webinars
Here you will find lots of subjects covered to help you with areas of your speaking. There are more to come and this area will continue to expand in the coming months.

SMT Co – Hosted Webinars
These webinars are all presented by members of the SMT in order for you to experience delivering a webinar to our membership. This will help to give you confidence if Webinars are something you intend to create and deliver as part of your business.

Hypnosis Downloads & Audio Recordings
Various audio and hypnosis downloads.

Exercises For Your Voice
Various pdf’s containing exercises to help you strengthen and tone your voice, some contain links to video tutorials on YouTube.

Speaking Opportunities
Information to help you secure speaking opportunities, creating your speaker biography and lots of other useful speaker related resources.

Recorded Group Calls
Various calls recorded on Zoom which will contain lots of useful information to support your learning process.

Mind Body And Spirit Of The Speaker
This area is dedicated to your mind body and spirit. I have gathered some resources to help support you on this journey.

Various pdf’s and videos to improve your storytelling technique.

Useful Information

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