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Mind Body And Spirit Of The Speaker

Welcome speakers, this page is dedicated to your mind body and spirit. I have gathered some resources to help support you on this journey. We are extremely lucky to have available the services of some amazing facilitators to help sort out some of the psychological aspects of any issues we may have around speaking:

  • Lorraine Biggs – Supporting Resourceful and Resilient Women.
    Lorraine can help you to release blocks to your ability to be the best speaker you can be. Her work will help you to release any sabotage patterns you may be carrying with you. Please download and read this pdf for more information and details of how you can book a FREE no obligation Emotional Discovery Call with Lorraine. Download here
  • Linda Anderson – Tapping Into Your Success
    Linda is a an EFT Tapping Coach and Mindset Magician. Linda can help you release fear around your visibility. Please download this pdf to discover how to apply for a FREE Discovery call with Linda. Download here
  • Speakers First Aid Kit
    Information to keep your voice in good condition, fight off colds, coughs and stay on track even when you feel the nervous wobbles. Download here
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