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Summary of Workshop

A one-day workshop for women who have had enough of hiding behind their computer and are ready to step up, shine their light and share their message loud and clear – in public.

It is a fun, interactive day where we’ll cover the key foundations to start your journey to becoming an incredible, confident and sought-after speaker.

Does the idea of speaking in public make you anxious just thinking about it?

If you receive opportunities to share your message from a stage, do you turn them down?

Are you living in hope that you can build your business from behind your laptop? (But deep down, you know you will never get as far as you really want if you don’t tackle this public speaking thing).

If that’s where you’re at, I totally get it. Public speaking seems to be the one thing that can bring out some of our worst fears! Fears like:

“I’ll forget everything”

“I’ll be boring – I don’t have anything interesting to say”

“I’m no good at speaking in front of people, I’ll be terrible!”

“I will end up making a fool of myself!”

Just about every client I’ve ever had felt one – if not all – of these things when we started working together. And I’ll tell you what I told them: almost everyone starts from this place. That’s right. All the amazing speakers you can bring to mind, all had similar fears to what you’re feeling right now when they started.

But they overcame them, and so can you.

They became BRILLIANT speakers – and you can too. I promise.

Every journey starts with the first step, so if you have that vision for yourself, to be that person who confidently steps on stage and clearly shares their message and why it matters, then I’ve got just the thing for you.

In this workshop, you will learn how to…

  • Harness your nerves for your benefit, rather than allow them to derail you.
  • Get clarity on your message, so you can jump at the chance to share it and never feel ‘put on the spot’ again.
  • Project your voice like Pavarotti, so that you command the attention of everyone in the room.
  • Be a captivating speaker and have the audience hang on your every word (no singing, dancing, or jokes involved!)
  • Easily recall EVERYTHING you want to say, so you never have to worry about feeling like a deer trapped in the headlights again.

If you’re done sitting in the audience, yet again, wishing you could be that person confidently standing at the front of the room…

If you’re passionate about your message and are convinced it needs to reach A LOT more people…

If you’re ready to finally give your business the springboard it needs to really bring you the clients and income you want and deserve…

Then this is your natural next step. Don’t hold yourself back any longer, join me at the Speak With Confidence, Release Your Fear, Find Your Voice Workshop and give yourself the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to say YES! to those public speaking opportunities – and your own SUCCESS.

What previous attendees said about this workshop:

“This workshop is fantastic! I learned some great techniques and exercises to do. The transformation in just one day to feeling more confident was amazing. Thank you!” Jude Hill

“I learned so much during the day, walked away feeling more confident and excited about getting more speaking gigs. I even ended the day doing a short video, which was unplanned, and I didn’t mind it at all…I never thought I would say that in a million years. Thank you, Aly for all your inspiration and empowerment!” Alison Nixon

“It was so supportive to be in a room where I met a lot of women who are in the same boat as me. We were looking for expert help and coaching to overcome our speaking fears. We certainly found it with this workshop. Aly Harrold has a unique and distinct method of speaker and voice training techniques that encapsulate the whole spectrum of speaker skills.”  Hazel Addley

“I came away from this workshop feeling so much more positive about my ability to speak in public. It was an amazing day!” Lorraine St John

“Aly does a brilliant job of putting the most nervous participants at ease. She is very generous in sharing her impressive knowledge of the human voice and gives some great tips on how to develop your own voice and calm your nerves. If you need a guiding hand to take your first steps into the limelight, I’d recommend this course.” Laura Gillespie

Becoming a confident public speaker is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself and your business – because along with it comes more ease, greater reach, and that holy grail of a successful business, expert status.

Are you ready for it?

Why Aly Harrold Coaching

Credible Reputation

An award-winning speaker and an award-winning coach with a trusted reputation for results.

Results Driven

Satisfied clients have themselves gone on to achieve successes and win awards in their own right.


Working one-to-one, or with groups, I work at your pace to achieve the results that you want.



From diet to warm-ups, for both voice and body, and making the most of your natural personality.


I offer support and mentorship for the duration of the group programmes.

Post-Programme Support

I provide ongoing speaker support within a membership programme and a speaker community for inspiration and continued encouragement.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you or require more information, please call 07909 765348 or email [email protected]

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