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Step Up And Shine

Creating Confident Speakers Transformational Group Programme

Summary of Programme

A three-month intensive programme guaranteed to turn you into a speaker who commands the room, holds the audience’s attention and gets amazing results from speaking.

This is ideal for women who:

  • Run their own businesses
  • Have big dreams for themselves and their businesses
  • Know they need to share their message far and wide

Whether speaking to live audiences on stage, on video, or over radio, Facebook Live, Virtual Summits or via podcasts, overcoming your fear of public speaking is a transformational experience.

You and your business will never be the same again.

This programme is absolutely made for you if:

You know in your bones that speaking is the way you need to spread your message and grow your business (and you’re totally up for tackling your nerves and conquering your fears!)

You would like to be seen as the go-to expert in your field and be a SOUGHT-AFTER speaker (who is well paid for their efforts)

You would like to be known as an authentic, engaging speaker whom audiences love (which means you’ll be asked back to speak time and time again)

If that is you, please don’t let your nerves be in charge of you and your business any longer. Let me show you how to release your fears, how to take your rightful place at the front of a room, and how to revel in the spotlight!

This programme includes:

  • Three live workshops
  • Supplemental webinars throughout the programme
  • A private Facebook group used for discussion and inspiration
  • 2 x one-to-one sessions with me via Skype/Zoom
  • Plus continuous support to help you become that magnetic speaker who is confident to say YES to any opportunity to speak
  • And peer-to-peer support from the other group members

Enrolment dates for the next programme

This programme runs twice a year, with a limited number of spaces available.

To book onto the next programmes please contact me: [email protected]

No one begins as a naturally talented speaker – they learn how to become one.

Prior public speaking is not a requirement to participate in this programme. I will take you from wherever you are right now to where you want to be.

What previous attendees said about this programme…

“Just completed Aly’s Step Up and Shine three-month programme. It has been wonderful, incredibly insightful, educational and inspiring, with lots of ‘ding’ moments. The live workshops were brilliant, a safe environment to try things out with a group of supporting women all wanting to do the same under the experienced guidance of Aly. The content of the webinars was perfect, very informative and pitched at the right level. It’s left me with so much more confidence and looking forward to both speaking and perfecting my new skills. Thank you Aly!”

Claire Witz, Tunbridge Wells Mums in Business

“A valuable investment in me and my business. Working with Aly was exactly what I hoped it would be. I had a clear goal to build my confidence in speaking and delivering my personal story and ‘why’ I do what I do, and Aly’s coaching absolutely helped me to do that. I now feel much more confident about stepping up and asking for speaking opportunities. Aly has the expert eyes and ears to see what I couldn’t see and help me craft my talk into a digestible whole. I always try to say too much and she has an amazing ability to cut through the crap and help me to find a punchy way to illustrate my points.”

Hilary Lees, Career and Leadership Coach

“The combination of live workshops and webinars and the one-to-one work with Aly is excellent. She facilitates a beautiful group and encourages everyone to fulfil their speaking potential. She is knowledgeable and creative and makes everyone feel totally safe. Even the introverts amongst us found the voice and confidence to stand in front of an audience and tell their story. I loved being part of this programme.”

Lorraine Biggs

Why Aly Harrold Coaching

Credible Reputation

An award-winning speaker and an award-winning coach with a trusted reputation for results.

Results Driven

Satisfied clients have themselves gone on to achieve successes and win awards in their own right.


Working one-to-one, or with groups, I work at your pace to achieve the results that you want.



From diet to warm-ups, for both voice and body, and making the most of your natural personality.


I offer support and mentorship for the duration of the group programmes.

Post-Programme Support

I provide ongoing speaker support within a membership programme and a speaker community for inspiration and continued encouragement.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you or require more information, please call 07909 765348 or email [email protected]

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