Benefits Of Group Coaching

My group coaching programmes bring together women from different sectors and stages in their business development, who all share a common goal – to be better speakers.

Working together, all participants understand each other’s perspective, sharing experiences and insights which enrich the learning experience.

For introverts, group coaching provides more opportunity for reflection and articulation of thoughts and ideas.

Many lasting friendships have been formed through my group programmes and, after all, the more people we have helping and rooting for us the better, especially when it comes to reaching our goals and our potential.

Group coaching

Types of Group Coaching

I offer three different programmes, all of which are practical and interactive.

Group coaching

Release Your Fear, Find your Voice

A one-day workshop covering the foundations of public speaking, enabling you to start your speaking journey with confidence and conviction.

Group coaching

Storytelling for Speakers

A one-day workshop facilitated in partnership with Public Relations consultant Islay O’Hara.

During which you change from being a speaker who just ‘talks’ about their business to one capable of delivering a great story that engages potential customers and sells you and your business.

Group coaching

Step Up And Shine – Creating Confident Speakers

A three-month intensive programme guaranteed to turn you into a speaker who commands the room, holds the audience’s attention and one who gets results from speaking.

What my Clients say


I used to be so nervous when I had to stand up in a network meeting and tell everyone who I was and what I did, no sooner I stood up I couldn’t wait to sit down again and get away from being the centre of attention.  That has all changed, today, I am so happy, I feel so confident in my speaking.

Aly covers everything. She helps you find your own style, I can honestly say I feel transformed. I just never knew I would love speaking in front of an audience.

 Kam Winchester, Acupuncturist


My Approach


Wherever you are on your speaking journey, I will work with you at your pace to help you become the speaker you desire to be.


Speaking is so much more than words, body language and eye contact. Spellbinding talks happen when the mind, body and spirit work together.


Speaking is a journey of personal and professional development and I can be with you every step of the way.

What my Clients say


Just completed Aly’s Step up and Shine Three Month Programme. It has been wonderful. Incredibly insightful, educational and inspiring, with lots of “ding” moments. The live workshops were brilliant, a safe environment to try things out with a group of supportive women all wanting to do the same under the experienced guidance of Aly.

The content of the webinars was perfect, very informative and pitched at the right level. It’s left me with so much more confidence and looking forward to both speaking and perfecting my new skills. Thank you, Aly!”

Claire Witz – Tunbridge Wells Mums In Business


If you would like to discuss how I can help you or require more information, please call 07909 765348 or email [email protected]

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